Park Street Parking Garage​


Columbia, SC

    About the Project

    ∨ Type
    Hard Bid

    ∨ Market

    ∨ SWMBE Participation

    ∨ Completion Date
    February 2007

    ∨ Architect
    The LPA Group

    Multi-Deck Parking Garage and Street Level Office Space

    Thompson Turner Construction was hired by the City of Columbia to build the new multi-deck parking garage located in downtown Columbia. The Park Street Garage offers parking for the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, Hilton Garden Hotel and convenient parking in the growing Vista district. The garage includes retail space along Lincoln Street facing the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center and glass stair and elevator towers on two corners. This sleek, modern structure compliments the architectural style The Vista while providing 850 lit parking spaces with a height restriction of 8 foot 2 inches. The garage structural bays incorporate brick-colored precast concrete and an aluminum frame screening system. Thompson Turner Construction was selected as the building and finishes contractor, subsequent to the work on the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

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