Meeting Street Academy​ 


Charleston, SC

    About the Project

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    K-12 Education

    ∨ Completion Date
    August 2008

    A State-of-the-Art Learning Center

    Thompson Turner Construction was hired by Meeting Street Academy to build a new 20,000 SF facility composed of brick, stone, and metal panels. The building is a steel frame structure designed to withstand 130 MPH winds and seismic events. The facility consists of eight (8) classrooms, library, multi-purpose room, sundial and learning courtyard, warming kitchen, and outdoor playground. The foundation is unique for Charleston as the building is not pile-supported, but sits on a two-foot thick continuous poured concrete mat of 1,000 cubic yards.

    During construction, Thompson Turner Construction recommended the use of the continuous poured concrete mat for the foundation rather than the traditional pile-supported foundation. This created a savings of around $170,000 for the Owner. Other advantages included time savings, no pile driving noise issues for neighbors, eliminating a trade from the construction process, and less testing cost for Owner.

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