Hilton Head Early Learning Center​


Hilton Head, SC

    About the Project

    ∨ Type
    Hard Bid

    ∨ Market
    K-12 Education

    ∨ SWMBE Participation

    ∨ Completion Date
    December 2005

    ∨ Architect
    FWA Group

    Early Childhood Educational Facility

    Thompson Turner Construction was commissioned by Beaufort County Schools to provide CM At-Risk services for design and construction phases of the Hilton Head Childhood Center. This facility provides for 550 kindergarten and prekindergarten students. The school was designed with four classroom “pods,” each housing six classrooms and a shared common space. Wireless telecommunication systems are provided in classrooms. Food service and media services are decentralized and transported to each pod when needed. This concept allows the school facility to eliminate the traditional Cafeteria and Media Center spaces from the building program.

    The Early Childhood Center includes a 3,500-square-foot gymnasium and adjoining 3,500 square feet of multipurpose space that are centrally located within the facility. The administration area is adjacent to the school’s main entrance with teacher support areas in each pod. Each classroom is designed with its own outdoor covered play area. A shared group playground area is adjacent to each classroom pod with one large playing field on the western side of the Early Childhood Center.

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