Goose Creek High School​


Goose Creek, SC

    About the Project

    ∨ Type

    ∨ SWMBE Contribution

    ∨ Completion Date
    July 2016

    ∨ Architect
    SGA Architecture, Don Baus

    New Look for a New Generation

    Thompson Turner Construction was hired by Berkeley County School District to provide Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services for the extensive phased renovation of the existing 286,535 SF Goose Creek High School. The project consisted of two-story classroom building, a new kitchen and cafeteria, a front entry, two-story administration/classroom building, hardscape and parking. The total area of the addition was 130,384 SF, with 203 new parking spaces and 83,000 SF of new hardscape. The old kitchen and cafeteria areas were converted into band and chorus spaces. To facilitate the uninterrupted educational process, the Fire Marshal, State Officials, and Office of School Facilities were consulted for approvals and advice. Temporary protection and walkways for access were installed using non-combustible materials to protect students and staff and construction deliveries were scheduled around student arrivals, departures, testing, and special events to further decrease interruption to the daily flow of school activities. As a result of each of these efforts, all work was completed while keeping the existing school fully operational with minimal interruptions or impacts.

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