Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School​


Bamberg, SC

    About the Project

    ∨ Type
    Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

    ∨ Market
    K-12 Education

    ∨ SWMBE Participation

    ∨ Completion Date
    August 2012

    ∨ Architect
    AAG Architects

    Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School’s Phased Construction Approach

    The renovation and addition to the middle school was completed in a three-phased approach over a 15-month period.  Phase I saw the demolition and renovation of 20 classrooms, a new classroom addition with HVAC units, a new roof on 75% of the building, and renovated spaces for a nurse’s area and resource room.  Phase II included the demolition, renovation, and addition to the existing administration area and a new entryway for student access. Finally, Phase II concluded with the renovation of the existing kitchen, a fire loop, and the demolition of an existing two-story classroom building.

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