Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School​


Bamberg, SC

    About the Project

    ∨ Type
    Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

    ∨ Market
    K-12 Education

    ∨ SWMBE Participation

    ∨ Completion Date
    August 2012

    AAG Architects

    Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School’s Phased Construction Approach

    The construction of the high school was completed in a four-phased addition and renovation spanning 15 months including two summers and one full school year.  Phase I included the renovation of five classrooms while Phase II included the demolition and renovation of the existing administration area. Phase III saw the renovation of the common areas into classrooms, and concluded with Phase IV of a complete roof removal and installation of new roofing system, new HVAC and fire protection systems, and lighting and ceiling grid system.

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