Caterpillar Hydraulics Plant


Sumter, SC​

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    December 2013

    170,000 Square Foot Addition to an Existing Manufacturing Facility

    The Caterpillar Hydraulic Plant was a Lump Sum design-build project. The project scope included the 170,000-square-foot addition to the existing manufacturing facility which details included:

    • Conventional spread footing for support of structure steel columns, bar joists and metal deck frame
    • Exterior precast wall panels supported on continuous perimeter footing
    • 8” unreinforced concrete floor slab in plant area
    • Office area with structural steel frame, metal stud, and EFIS exterior
    • TPO roof system on plant and office
    • Roof top HVAC units with gas heat
    • Plant electrical service complete with Bus Duct
    • Plant process piping to include compressed air, water, natural gas, weld gas, and DI water
    • Exterior site improvements to include wetlands mitigation, grading, storm drain, access roads, parking, and landscaping

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