Thompson Corporate Headquarters​


Sumter, SC

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    Drakeford Architects

    Renovation and Construction

    We evaluated and restored 100 and 106 North Main Street, Sumter, South Carolina as a corporate office space for Thompson Construction Group, Inc. The original buildings totalling 38,000 square feet were constructed around 1927 as retail space and consisted of heavy timber and brick masonry enhanced with cast stone and terracotta detailing.

    Original detailing of brick and stone were hand-washed and cleaned where possible. Some components required matching and replacing with new materials. A rooftop garden and terrace were added above the original building to give the office a new outdoor space. However, the terrace was designed to remain invisible from historic Main Street below.  Interior spaces such as the monumental wood stairs, ornamental tin ceilings, and wood trim were repaired and refinished in original finishes. Thompson Turner Construction was able to create a dramatic new corporate office environment that preserves and protects the original historic character of the structure.

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